Silvara Leveton


Silvara moved south with her husband Oleg to begin a trading post on the edge of The Stolen Lands. There she attends to the post’s upkeep, tracking inventory, keeping the common rooms clean for visitors and cooking the occasional meal to welcome tired travelers.
Oleg has always been a hard worker and it is shown on his body. He is well built and grizzled, standing nearly six feet tall. His skin cracked and deep tan due to long exposure to the sun, so much so that it is hard to tell his true age. He keeps hi

Silvara stands about five and a half feet tall, with the slender build of a pampered commoner. She has fair skin that she does well to keep out of the sun and very deep, kind, blue eyes that often keep a person’s focus when she speaks. She keeps her blond hair cut to a medium length and often tucks it under a kerchief.

Silvara has been treated very well by Oleg since the two met years ago and she is pampered as much as he is able to. Despite this, she is still a very kind and accommodating to visitors, and often tells Oleg he doesn’t need to dote on her so. She is soft spoken, but not shy, she will voice her opinion if she feels she needs to. She can usually voice Oleg’s thoughts much better then he can and, coupled with her soft words and kind demeanor, seems to have a much better chance of getting his point across.

Silvara Leveton

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