Oleg Leveton


Oleg is the owner of Oleg’s Trading Post, an old converted fort lying on the southern border of Brevoy. There Oleg buys furs and animals captured by the local trappers and sells them supplies, all the while shipping his goods north and ordering anything the locals need.

Oleg has always been a hard worker and it is shown on his body. He is well built and grizzled, standing nearly six feet tall. His skin cracked and deep tan due to long exposure to the sun, so much so that it is hard to tell his true age. He keeps his blond hair cut short to keep out of his face, though he does sport an impressive set of mutton chops. His eyes are a light blue and are set deep into his face, giving the impression that he is always scowling.

Oleg is generally a no-nonsense kind of guy, he isn’t one to tell elaborate stories and much prefers to get to the point. He is friendly, but curt, and he respects his clients. Oleg is content with the life he lives and is none too happy learning of the PCs job to explore the Greenbelt for possible expansion. Oleg’s has a deep love for his wife, Silvara , and would do anything for her, a fact that has been taken advantage of before.

Oleg Leveton

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